Photography projects / Exhibitions

Möhkönvirta 2017 -contemporary art summer exhibition, Ilomantsi 2.6.2017 – 2.9.2017

Coming up: Helsinki’s old commuter trains, the last years – documentary project for the Finnish railway museum


Maa-laiset / Earthlings – Mustarinda summer exhibition, Hyrynsalmi, 16.6. – 7.8.2016


Opening guests at Utopian journey in the objective reality (photo: Mustarinda)

Helsinki-Turku railway: 120 years in the landscape, Turku Main Library, 1.3. – 1.4.2016


Colour! Chromogenic colour prints by Värinä photographic artistsPIMIÖ/DARKROOM – Finnish museum of photography, 15.12.2015–31.1.2016



Working as a photographic artist for an experimental theatre piece: exploring the experience – the tragedy and comedy – of time, with the RNC clowns at various places around the Helsinki capital region between 2012 and 2014. The open and exploratory process eventually materialized as the group’s interpretation of Chekhov’s Seagull and projected images on stage, as well as a photo-exhibition at the theatre lobby – Espoo Cultural Centre / Louhisali (Tapiola): 21.10.2015 – 24.10.2015, Blue Media studios (Viikki): 10.11.2015–9.12.2015

rnc-krunis 001
Kruunuvuori, September 2012
mankki180614 003
Mankki / Mankby, June 2014
hanko-p090614 001
Fiskarsinmäki (Espoo), June 2014

16.Sep – 2.Oct 2015: Mikko Itälahti & Mari Vuolanto: Aika ei kulu, se kasautuu maisemaan.  Oksasenkatu 11 (Helsinki)

jurmo062014 002
Jurmo: huomioita maisemakuvasta ja paikan tunnusta, Valokuvat, löytöesineet, oheisteksti, 2014-2015


A small book printed on vintage accounting paper, hand-binded by Elovaaran Kirjansitomo (Helsinki), limited edition of 15 copies. The book focuses on the environmental experience of the othertimely landscapes in Ladoga Karelia & Karelian Isthmus –territory which used to belong to Finland, but after WWII become part of Soviet Russia, and as a consequence, largely escaped the modernization that completely transformed the post-war Finland. Link to free PDF

Paimionjoki river cultural landscape (2013)

Map / documentary project for Paimionjoki river association

 askala-taydennys070414-12 maenpaa_maisema2_pieni

IN/TO DARK (2012)


A multimedia theatre performance on the theme of darkness, by Jenni Kokkomäki & Laila Evansen

Pre 2013 exhibitions:

4-5/ 2012: Mikko Itälahti & Anna Vuolanto: Slowly – Geography of transiency. Laterna Magica / Helsinki Photography Biennial 2012


(Cespedosa, central Spain, 2010)

2011 Hima & Sali, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, Taidepuska group exhibition

2011 Suomenlinna library, Helsinki, Taidepuska group exhibition

2010 Tallipiha, Tampere, Taidepuska group exhibition

2008 “VR-Kasarmit”, Ylivieska, Taidepuska group exhibition